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Unlock insights about JRD Motor Driving School with our informative FAQ section. Discover why professional driving classes matter, explore the benefits of our experienced instructors, and delve into our diverse course offerings. Learn about our government recognition and flexible timings, catering to your convenience. Explore our commitment to safety, transparent pricing, and personalized training. Get answers to common queries as you embark on a journey toward safe and confident driving. Join us at JRD Motor Driving School to navigate the road ahead with expertise.


  • What courses do you offer at your driving school?
    We offer a range of courses for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, including beginner's training, refresher courses, advanced driving techniques, and more.
  • How experienced are your driving instructors?
    Our driving instructors have years of experience and are certified professionals. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to guide you through your learning journey.
  • What safety measures do you prioritize during training?
    Safety is our top priority. We teach defensive driving techniques, road safety rules, and emphasize the importance of using safety gear to ensure a secure learning experience.
  • Can I choose flexible training timings that suit my schedule?
    Yes, we understand your commitments. We offer flexible training timings, allowing you to choose slots that align with your schedule.
  • How do I enroll in your driving school?
    Enrolling is easy. You can contact us through phone, email, or visit our office. Our friendly team will guide you through the enrollment process and help you choose the right course.


  • What's the minimum age requirement to enroll in driving lessons?
    The minimum age requirement varies depending on the type of vehicle and local regulations. Generally, for two-wheelers, it's usually around 16 years, while for four-wheelers, it's around 18 years.
  • Do I need a learner's permit before taking driving lessons?
    Yes, in most cases, you need a learner's permit or a provisional license to start your driving lessons. It's important to check the specific requirements in your area.
  • Can I choose the type of vehicle I want to learn to drive?
    Absolutely. Our driving school offers training for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. You can choose the type of vehicle you want to learn to drive based on your preference.
  • How many lessons are typically required to learn driving?
    The number of lessons varies based on individual progress. Beginners usually require several lessons to become confident and proficient. Our instructors will assess your skills and guide you accordingly.
  • What's the process to obtain a driver's license after completing the training?
    After completing the training, you'll need to pass a practical driving test conducted by the local licensing authority. Once you pass, you'll be issued a driver's license that permits you to drive legally.


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