Zooming a career on Air: RJ, DJ, and VJ


Do you like to be around people and interact with them ?

Do people always seek and listen to what you speak ?
Do you enjoy music?

Then, Yes!…………
A career as an RJ/VJ/DJ could be an ideal choice for you.

All of these are examples of exciting, challenging, and promising careers.
RJs, VJs, and DJs are all extremely talented individuals with many similarities.
The scope of music-related jobs is expanding in tandem with the music industry’s rapid development.

Zooming a career on Air: RJ, DJ, and VJ

If you want to pursue a career as an RJ/VJ/DJ, you can have a kick start in it without giving a second thought as the number of music channels on television and radio stations are nurturing day by day.You can work as an RJ/VJ/DJ in a variety of settings, including television, radio, and live shows in clubs, restaurants, and music stores.

Career in RJ,VJ and DJ

Career as a Video Jockey

Video Jockey, or VJ, as a career has recently become one of the most popular among the music-obsessed younger generation.It is the person who introduces television programmes, particularly music shows.
The VJ’s primary responsibility is to announce music videos and host music-related television shows.
However, as competition grows, music channels are increasingly incorporating a wide range of shows to attract viewers.
So, in addition to introducing videos, the VJ’s job entails hosting reality shows, travelling, playing games, chatting with the public, conducting interviews with artists and music celebrities, and so on.

Courses available to be an VJ

  • BA in Journalism
  • Course in TV Reporting, Presentation and Your Planion
  • Diploma in Communication and Media Development
  • MA in Mass communication

Career as an RJ

A radio jockey, abbreviated RJ, is the host of a radio talk show, podcast, or music show.In layman’s terms, a Radio Jockey is a radio show host.Radio jockeys (RJs) entertain callers in a chat system that is broadcast on the radio and communicates with the caller via phone, email, and online chat.

Radio jockeys must be able to engage listeners with their voice and word choice, as well as how they present the content in front of the audience.
To become an RJ, you do not need any specific qualifications.
You may choose to finish your schooling and then compete in an RJ Talent Hunt.

Zooming a career on Air: RJ, DJ, and VJ

Several radio stations run the Talent Hunt programme.You can also participate in an RJ/DJ training programme.This may assist you in learning a few tricks.However, you can always educate yourself online.What you need in abundance is your passion for music of various genres.You should listen to music almost all of the time.

Courses available to be an RJ

  • Certificate Course in Radio Jockey
  • Radio jockeying and production
  • Diploma and Certificate course in Radio Jockey
  • Diploma in Radio Management
  • Diploma in Radio Programming and Management

Career as a DJ

A disc jockey’s job description sounds like a lot of fun!
DJs make music for an event or a radio audience by combining different genres and tracks using a variety of equipment such as turntables, mixers, graphic equalisers, tape decks, and other sophisticated sound processors.
Depending on the event, they may work alone or with other music professionals, Master of Ceremonies, and even other DJs.

Zooming a career on Air: RJ, DJ, and VJ

They also need to please the audience with their music.
This is frequently a difficult task because it necessitates a thorough knowledge of music, current global trends, and an understanding of what the crowd desires.There are two types of DJs: those who work for radio/FM channels (radio DJs, also known as RJs) and those who work in clubs and perform in front of a live audience at events (club DJs.)

Courses available to be a DJ

  • Sound of soul, New Delhi
  • ‘Sound of Music’, Vasant Kunj
  • Spin Gurus DJ & Remixing Academy
  • Scratch Z DJ academy Bangalore


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