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Guwahati: As people across Assam get ready to celebrate Bhogali or Magh Bihu on Saturday, many in Guwahati rushed to the markets to buy ready-made “Mejis” without which Bihu is incomplete.
Bhogali Bihu is the ‘harvest festival’ of Assam and celebrated on the first day of the month of Magh in mid-January. It is one of the most popular festivals of Assam and celebrated with lots of enthusiasm to the beat of drums and dance.
The Meji, a cone-shaped structure made of bamboo, hay, straw, thatch and other such materials is traditionally torched on the eve of Bhogali Bihu in obeissance to the gods before the festivities begin. The tradition is still followed religiously in rural areas as well as other parts of the state. But in a city like Guwahati it is difficult to find the raw materials to make a Meji. So people opt for readymade ones. The Khanapara-Six Mile area is buzzing with shoppers where a Bihu market has been set up.
Mrinal Baishya, a shopkeeper who has come from Rangia in Kamrup to sell Mejis, said, “It is difficult to build a Meji here. We have brought all the materials from the countryside and set up the structure for the buyers.” A small Meji costs around Rs 200 while the larger ones come for around Rs 3,000. He said that the price is justified as they had to bring all the raw materials from other parts of the state and it included transportation cost as well.
Akhim Deka, a resident of Hatigaon area, said, “Due to some work related issues, I could not go to my hometown but that does not mean we will not celebrate Bihu.”


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