Scope and Career opportunities for Veterinary Science in India


Are you fond of animals and science? then you can sure be a veterinarian.

Veterinarians are essentially doctors for animals that make diagnoses and recommend treatments for various species of animals.They identify, treat, and study the illnesses and ailments that affect pets, cattle, and other animals.

You can pursue a career as a veterinarian in veterinary colleges, medical schools, government organisations, the veterinary sector, and the federal government if you are passionate about helping animals and are interested in this branch of medicine.

Scope and Career opportunities for Veterinarians

Veterinary education is now an integral part of the Land Grant System of education in India. Parliament passed the Veterinary Council Act, of 1984, in response to the growing importance of the veterinary profession in the country.A veterinary graduate’s registration with the Veterinary Council became a legal mandate to practice veterinary medicine. A recognised veterinary qualification is required for registration with the Council.

A veterinarian is not only concerned with being a veterinary doctor but it has several other job roles and titles too. Some of them are,

A marine veterinarian’s primary responsibilities include promoting the health and wellness of aquatic animals. The specifics of their daily responsibilities may vary depending on where they work or the types of animals they treat. A marine veterinarian working at a zoo, for example, may have different responsibilities than a vet working for a nonprofit animal rescue.

Veterinarians specialising in food safety and inspection
These veterinarians may conduct sanitation inspections on livestock and animal products such as eggs, dairy, and meat.
In some cases, infected animals may need to be quarantined to prevent illness from spreading to other animals and humans.
Others are involved in the testing of medications and additives for safety.

Veterinary cardiologists are experts in the treatment of animals suffering from cardiac and/or circulatory problems.
These specialised veterinarians work with their owners to diagnose and treat ailments, whether they are congenital or acquired heart conditions.
Conducting echocardiography with a color flow doppler, introducing heart monitoring devices, monitoring blood pressure, taking X-rays, and installing pacemakers to help keep pets’ hearts at the proper rhythm are all common responsibilities.

Military veterinarians care for working animals used by the military as well as military members’ pets. Working as a military vet necessitates enlistment in the military, but typically as officers rather than soldiers.

Scope and Career opportunities for Veterinarians

If necessary, these professionals can be called into combat situations.
They may work at military bases in the United States or abroad, and their assignments may change over time. Those who want to make a career out of being in the military can often get their specialised education paid for, making it an attractive option for some.

These professionals treat musculoskeletal illnesses and traumas in large and small animals, both domestic and wild. These individuals create individualised treatments for each animal patient, whether it’s adjusting vertebrae or massaging muscles to help improve performance.
Animal chiropractors can find work in veterinary clinics and hospitals, zoos, or large farms or barns that house livestock, racehorses, or other animals that frequently require chiropractic care. Others decide to start their businesses and look for clients.

In addition, Veterinarians also have scope in industries like Feed Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Vaccine Producing industries, Veterinary technicians, and Dairy consultants.

The candidates can take a degree in veterinarian course to get specialsed. Some of the best colleges that provide veterinary courses in India are:

  • Banaras Hindu University, Uttar Pradesh
  • National Dairy Institute, Haryana
  • Veterinary College and Research Institute, Chennai
  • Birsa Agricultural University, Jharkhand
  • Birsa Agricultural University
  • Rajiv Gandhi College Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences, Puducherry


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