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Guwahati: The Army on Thursday dismissed reports that a bomb dropped by the Myanmar military fighter jets on Tuesday on ‘Camp Victoria’, the headquarters of the Chin National Front located close to the India-Myanmar international border, fell on Indian soil in Mizoram’s Champhai district.
Civil society leaders in the border village of Farkawn in Mizoram had on Wednesday claimed that one of the bombs landed and exploded on the Indian soil near the Tiau river, which forms part of the international boundary, and caused heavy damage to a truck owned by a village council member.
“No Myanmar bomb fell on the Indian soil in Mizoram. It was on the other side. But one vehicle’s windshield on our side broke due to concussion effect,” an Army source told TOI.
Chin National Army (CNA) cadres have been imparting arms training to civilians fighting the Myanmar military at a “liberated area” called ‘Camp Victoria’ on the banks of the Tiau river.
Mizoram has given shelter to more than 30,000 Myanmarese nationals in various parts of the state after they fled their country since the military junta seized power in February 2021. Most of them belong to the Chin community, also known as the Zo community, who share the same ancestry, ethnicity and culture as the Mizos of Mizoram.
Mizoram’s biggest and most influential NGO, Young Mizo Association, Tuipuiral Group, on Thursday stated that a bomb used in the airstrike by Myanmar military jets on ‘Camp Victoria’ “had not just hit Indian soil but also partly damaged an Indian vehicle which was near the Tiau river, the international border, to collect sand.”


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