Modi govt taking decisions for people’s welfare, not praises: Amit Shah


Union Home Minister on Tuesday said the government is not taking decisions so that people like them, but for their


Addressing an event to confer ‘The Indian Express Excellence in Governance Awards’, Shah said the works of any government, irrespective of the ideology, should be appreciated if those are for the benefits of people and their good.

“The Modi government is not taking decisions so that people like them. It is taking decisions that benefit people. We brought GST and we knew that there were opposition to it. We brought DBT (Direct Benefits Transfer) and it was opposed. On occasions some decisions might have been harsh but all were good for the people,” he said.

The home minister said that since independence, the country had seen 22 governments and 15 prime ministers and all of them tried their best for the development of the country with their abilities and available resources.

“Irrespective of ideology, we will have to acknowledge those who have done good work, took good decisions for the welfare of the people,” he said.

Shah said those journalists who are not objective and impartial can’t do good journalism.

“An activist can’t be a journalist and similarly a journalist can’t be an activist. Both May be good in their respective fields but can’t do good in both the work. But sometimes we can see such tendencies now a days,” he said.

Paying glowing tributes to Indian Express founder Ram Nath Goenka, Shah said he had played a significant role while opposing the Emergency and giving the country’s first non-Congress government.

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