How to write a winning resume


For those who found a new passion, thinking about taking steps to leave their current position and move into a new one or for people who seek a new challenge. The resume will offer up several work opportunities.

It’s an opportunity for job hopefuls to highlight the strongest qualities and expertise.
Along with the employment history, it ought to list their greatest successes, any pertinent job skills that have picked up, and awards they’ve won.

Today, a strong resume is a piece of art that has been carefully adjusted and modified for each job you’re applying for, optimised with keywords, and properly written to pass the applicant tracking system filters.

How to write a winning resume

It’s important to master the fundamentals, stay clear of frequent mistakes, dive deep into optimization, and put your best foot forward.
You have to stand out from the competition and persuade the hiring manager that you are the top star they should hire.

Tips to create an appealing resume

1) Format carefully

Create a CV that is simple to read and make the hiring manager’s job easier.
Use a logical layout with ample margins, a common font, and headings that are easily understood. It’s crucial to utilise space as well. It should convey a clear message about your capacity for critical thought. Use bold and italics sparingly to assist direct the reader’s attention. When highlighting crucial details, such as outlining your successes at previous positions, bullet points work best.

2) Be in line with the job description

Showing a clear fit between your talents and the job requirements will make the reader’s task easier. Showcase your compliance with the essential knowledge, abilities, and qualities the company is seeking.Highlight your most applicable skills and omit information that is unrelated to the post. To establish a connection in the reader’s mind, include keywords in your resume that are comparable to those found in the job description.

3) Knowledge of the position

To write a great resume, you must spend some time researching the position to understand what is expected of you and how you fit those expectations.
To comprehend the company’s values or mission statement, do some research on it.
Create a CV that reflects the same principles.

4) Give importance to achievements

While highlighting significant duties is crucial, avoid outlining your daily workload.
Your resume should highlight the distinctive achievements that set you apart from the competition. Describe your contribution to the company.

How to write a winning resume

Did you meet or surpass goals, save money or time, find solutions to issues, streamline operations, or bring in new clients? Whenever feasible, use statistics, percentages, or amounts to demonstrate how you added value.

5) It should be constructed properly

The top of your CV should center your contact information. Your name, address, phone number, and email address should be included. Next, start with your most recent studies and identify any relevant education and training you have had. Your career history is then listed in reverse chronological order. Include your job title, the firm name, a summary of the business (if applicable), and the dates you worked there. Then list your primary duties, abilities, and achievements for each role.
Your CV should end with a list of references, or a statement that references are available upon request.

6) Recognize the purpose

Contrary to popular belief, a resume’s objective is not to include all of the duties you have held in the past or present. Nobody is interested in the routine duties you perform at work, therefore there is no need to take up valuable resume space with them. Your quantifiable, superlative accomplishments should be listed on your resume. You stand out from all the other candidate’s.

7) Express your specialised knowledge of the business environment.

Why should they pick you above the competition? Undoubtedly, branding and focus are intimately tied to distinctiveness. The reader will be able to picture you in the job you want right away if your resume shows a crisp focus. Your promise of value is readily communicated if your CV is branded. The uniqueness element elevates your resume by presenting you as the only logical candidate for the post, the best candidate for the position, and not just someone who is qualified for the position.


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