How to start a career in Wedding Photography


Interested in beginning a career as a professional wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer’s career is lucrative in addition to being glamorous because it is a part of the profitable industry. Couples invest a lot of money in their weddings.

It is not necessary to have degrees or experience. Every wedding is transformed by the wedding photographers into their own path and distinctive story. The main focus of wedding photography is spending the entire day taking cheesy and romantic pictures of the happy couple, going for hours without eating or drinking, and dealing with histrionic bridezillas. It involves capturing the bride and husband in their most joyful times to make their moments treasured. The fact that this profession has a market in every city or nation is its best feature.

How to start a career in Wedding Photography

The work of wedding photographers

A wedding photographer is an expert at capturing one of life’s most significant events for many couples. The significance of a wedding makes most couples hesitant to be content with simple portraits. An experienced wedding photographer can help with this desire for high-quality pictures. As a wedding photographer, you can provide various services, from timely and inventive photos to picture books that describe the events of a wedding.

Typically, couples get in touch with their wedding photographers months in advance to build a relationship and discuss their vision. Depending on your availability, communicating with clients a year or two in advance will help you free up time in your schedule for them. The couple’s needs must be determined through this correspondence process in order to arrange them appropriately.

How to start a career in Wedding Photography

Steps to begin a career in wedding photography

1) Begin with assisting an established crew

Assisting with engagement sessions and weddings is the best way to start your wedding photography career. This gives you an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, get a glimpse at how established professionals work, and ensure that you actually enjoy the whole process before investing in all of the necessary gear, education, memberships, and business expenses. Write up a polite yet personalized email and send it out to as many photographers in your area as it takes to get out there and gain experience. Also, join local photography groups and attend networking events to meet potential photographers to take you under their wings.

How to start a career in Wedding Photography

2) Contact Involved Friends and Neighbors

You must find a way to book that first wedding when you are just starting off. Spread the word once you have some experience with second shooting and feel confident going out on your own. Do you have a college friend who recently announced their engagement? While requesting the opportunity to capture their engagement images, say that you have been collaborating with other photographers to develop your portfolio. If you have been second shooting, you can point them to your portfolio and let them make their own decision.

The majority of the people who will approach engagement photos later will hire you for their weddings. The majority of people like a consistent aesthetic, thus securing the engagement session is a crucial first step toward winning the wedding. So, Consider including an engagement session in at least one of your wedding packages.

3) Create a social media account

Aspiring professional photographer needs to create a quality website for their photography business and understand how online users will find it. They may offer suggestions for what will work and what won’t.On their website, the person needs to post content that grabs users’ interest within the first seven seconds.Therefore, the best content must remain at the top of the page. The most important task is to have SEO for websites that sell wedding photos.

How to start a career in Wedding Photography

If no one can discover it, the entire endeavour will be useless. In order for the words to be emphasized when someone searches for them, appropriate keywords must be utilised in the blog articles’ content. For the website to draw in new users, it needs to be well-promoted.
The photographer can promote their page on social media platforms likFacebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It would be the most effective technique to draw in new clients.

4) Establish Your Prices

Given that most photographers struggle with putting together a complete package, it is one of the hottest subjects in the photographic world. Before setting a price, the photographer must conduct a thorough study on a number of important topics, including cost-based pricing, rival pricing, the paradox of choice, and price anchor. If the person is new to the field, they shouldn’t demand exorbitant amounts.

5) Look for roles as second shooters

You might ask the photographers you support to hire you as a second shooter once your portfolio and experience have grown. You can get involved in the photography process directly by taking on the role of a second shooter. This position also allows you to make money because you are directly in charge of taking care of the client’s photos. To completely comprehend the couple’s vision, the event’s schedule, and the necessary abilities and responsibilities, it is crucial in this role to connect with the first photographer and customers.

How to start a career in Wedding Photography

At first, starting a wedding photography business seems daunting. But keep in mind that establishing a business takes time. You don’t have to, or even need to, finish it all in one day or even one week. You’ll continue to hone your abilities as you get started and increase your pricing to reflect your growing experience. You’ll position yourself for success right out of the gate by starting your photography business the proper way, with an understanding of the fundamentals and effective marketing.


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