Current Affairs Quiz: 18 January 2023


Current Affairs Questions for UPSC: The Current Affairs Quiz section of Jagran Josh aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the Current Affairs of the day with ease. The Current Affairs questions and answers cover topics such as the deputy NSA of India, the first G20 Health Working Group, and awardee of the MLK Grand Parade Special award.

1. In which city did PM Modi inaugurate the 2nd phase of Saansad Khel Mahakumbh?

(a). Varanasi

(b). Basti

(c). Kanpur

(d). Jhansi

2. Which institution released the ‘Rural Health Statistics report’?

(a). NITI Aayog

(b). IMA

(c). AIIMS

(d). Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

3. Who has been appointed as the deputy NSA of India?

(a). Alkesh Kumar Sharma

(b). Pankaj Kumar Singh

(c). Ajit Dhobal

(d). Brijesh Mishra

4. Sibi George has been concurrently accredited as the next ambassador to which country?

(a). Marshall Island

(b). Finland

(c). Norway

(d). Guyana

5. In which city did the first G20 Health Working Group under India’s G20 presidency begin?

(a). Guwahati

(b). Ahmedabad

(c). Srinagar

(d). Thiruvananthapuram

6. In which state is the Korwa Ordnance factory situated where the production of Kalashnikov AK-203 assault rifles began?

(a). Uttar Pradesh

(b). Maharashtra

(c). Gujarat

(d). Madhya Pradesh

7. Which Indian-American has been awarded the Martin Luther King Grand Parade Special award?

(a). Harmeet Dhillon

(b). Krishna Vavilala

(c). Rohit Khanna

(d). Maya Ajmera


1. (b). Basti

Prime Minister Narendra Modi used video conferencing on January 18, 2023, to inaugurate the second phase of the Saansad Khel Mahakumbh 2022-23 in Basti, Uttar Pradesh. Modi stated on the occasion that sports tournaments should be a continuous process to improve player training. He stated that our society’s attitude toward sports is changing, which has resulted in India’s best-ever performance in the Olympics and Paralympics.

2. (d). Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recently published the Rural Health Statistics report. According to the report, there is a shortage of more than 80% of the required surgeons and pediatricians in the country’s 6,064 Community Health Centres (CHCs). CHCs are 30-bed block-level health facilities that are supposed to provide basic surgical, gynecological, pediatric, and general medical care.

3. (b). Pankaj Kumar Singh

Pankaj Kumar Singh, a retired director general of the Border Security Force (BSF), was named deputy national security adviser on January 16, 2023. Singh, a 1988-batch IPS officer from the Rajasthan cadre, has been given a two-year re-employment contract. Singh stepped down as BSF chief on December 31, 2022. When Singh took command of the BSF on August 31, 2021, he made history as the first son and father to hold the top post in a paramilitary force during their careers.

4. (a). Marshall Island

Sibi George (IFS: 1993), the current Indian Ambassador to Japan, has been concurrently accredited as the next Indian Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands, with residence in Tokyo. He is expected to begin the assignment soon.

5. (d). Thiruvananthapuram

The first meeting of the G20 Health Working Group under India’s G20 presidency began in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Dr. Bharati Pravin Pawar, Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, launched the three-day event. She stated on the occasion that pandemic policy must be a defining part of our health policy because any health crisis today leads to an economic crisis due to the interconnected nature of the world.

6. (a). Uttar Pradesh

The Indo-Russian joint venture has begun producing Kalashnikov AK-203 assault rifles in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. The move is likely to provide the Indian armed forces with more firepower. The registered and based-in-India joint venture, whose Russian founders are Rosoboronexport and Kalashnikov Concern (both subsidiaries of the Rostec State Corporation), has begun producing Kalashnikov assault rifles.

7. (b). Krishna Vavilala

As the United States commemorated the legacy of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., Indian-American Krishna Vavilala received the MLK Grande Parade Special Award for his contributions to connecting the Indian diaspora with mainstream America. Vavilala, 86, a longtime Houston resident and the founder and chairman of the Foundation of India Studies (FIS), has previously led several MLK Grande Parades dressed as Mahatma Gandhi with the sole purpose of bringing the Indian community closer to the Black community, based on nonviolent principles that both Gandhi and MLK Jr. had followed.


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